Vim, A Love Story


Yes, that was the most ridiculous title I could think of.

After doing some research for a good Python editor a few months ago - side note: I’m currently using IntelliJ with the Vim plugin - Vim was one of the most highly recommended editors to use. In my relatively short time as a programmer, I’ve come across people mentioning Vim in passing, but I never thought twice about it.

Actually, back in college I distinctly remember remotely connecting to a Linux box and downloading pico after someone said to use Vim since “it is already installed by default”. It seemed really confusing and more difficult to use than was necessary, so obviously I quickly found and downloaded something more intuitive for simple text editing. Flash forward 3 or 4 years, and I’m kicking myself in the butt for not taking the time to investigate it further. My goal now is to share the resources that I found were most useful in getting familiar with Vim.

First off I watched all of the videos by Derek Wyatt, and that caught me up to speed REALLY fast. He covers everything you’d want to know to get up and running with Vim, not to mention you’ll find yourself shaving time here and there with some of the neat tricks he shows. Check out his videos here:

If you think you want more, check out some of the videos over at A lot of the concepts overlap with Derek’s videos, but they helped me brush up on some things that I needed explained differently to really get a good understanding.

Now take a deep breath, relax, download Vim and follow along with your Vim guides. You’ll thank yourself later for doing it.

Happy Viming!